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The primary goal of the 2009 Summit is to continue the important ongoing dialogue about the appropriate role and structure of pay for performance in both the private and public sectors. This includes exploring key policy issues and practical challenges for implementing pay for performance, its potential to achieve meaningful improvements in quality and efficiency, and its influence on payment reform.

The Summit will include presentations, panel discussions and case studies from leading researchers, policy experts and pay for performance administrators. Technical experts in performance measurement, data collection, public reporting and incentive design will also lend their experience and perspectives to the Summit proceedings.

Senior executive leaders and national policy makers will provide keynote presentations on the most current post-election healthcare landscape, implications for CMS, national and international views on performance measurement, the future of payment reform, and the use of incentives to improve quality and efficiency in the next generation of pay for performance. National pay for performance survey results will also be shared. There will be ample opportunity for audience participation, questions and answers.

The pre-conference symposia allows key learning opportunities for attendees interested in pay for performance for "newcomers" or in-depth sessions on the Bridges to Excellence approach to physician performance, hospital pay for performance and the Leapfrog Hospital Rewards Program, and recent science and practices from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality to merge administrative and clinical data.

The Mini Summits and concurrent sessions will provide in-depth perspectives on a variety of topics. These forums will offer case studies, current information and active audience participation. Concurrent sessions are organized by "track" and offer several best practices and case studies from experienced executives and experts.

Concurrent Session Tracks:

  • Pay for Performance Case Studies
  • Aligning Hospitals and Physicians
  • Reporting and Motivating Performance
  • Designing Incentives
  • Information Technology
  • Innovations in Pay for Performance
  • Efficiency in Pay for Performance

Featuring Mini-Summits On:

  • The Effectiveness of Pay for Performance To-Date: Lessons Learned and Program Adaptations
  • Health Information Exchange and P4P - Merging Administrative and Clinical Data
  • Medicare and Medicaid P4P Programs
  • Payment Reform
  • Case Study - The Use of Hospital Gain Sharing to Minimize Hospital Acquired Complications
  • Case Study - Engaging Physicians in Charge: Predictors of Success
  • Case Study - The Medical Home
  • Case Study - Collaborative Development of Measures: Enhancement of Administrative Data for P4P Integration

Overview | Agenda/Faculty Materials | Promotional Opportunities
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